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DAY IS DONE in competition at Bafici Buenos Aires & Thomas Imbach Retrospective

Together with Thomas Imbach's new film Day Is Done which premiered at this years Berlinale, the Argentinian festival dedicated a retrospective to the Swiss director Thomas Imbach.

"Thomas Imbach likes taking risks. With each new film project, he moves into uncharted territory and consciously seeks a complex cinematographic challenge. How else could one explain his idea of making a film out of unspectacular day-to-day office activities in a Swiss financial institution (Well Done, 1994)? Or staging the mysterious murder/ suicide drama of Petra Kelly and Gert Bastian as a suggestive 90 minutes of sudden death (Happiness Is a Warm Gun, 2001)? Asked about his motivation for making specific films, Imbach once replied that he never planned his film topics in advance. “They always came to me in a flash. It‘s like being in love; you can‘t really explain why.”"

Selection of Thomas Imbach Films shown at Bafici 2011

I Was a Swiss Banker
Well Done
Happiness Is a Warm Gun

DAY IS DONE in competition at Planete Doc Festival Warsaw

Okofilm Productions DAY IS DONE by Thomas Imbach in competition at the 8th Planete Doc Festival in Warsaw.

06.05.2011 21:00, Kinoteka 4 with Thomas Imbach
07.05.2011 21:30, Kinoteka 4 with Thomas Imbach
15.03.2011 19:30, Kinoteka 4

Click here for the direct link to the festival.


Millennium Award Jury selects Thomas Imbach's Day is Done for an Honorable Mention

Okofilm is happy to announce that the Millennium Award Jury selected Thomas Imbach's Day is Done for an Honorable Mention at the Planete Doc Festival Warsaw 2011.

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